Week 2 - The Newspaper Challenge 

The challenge this week is to write a song based on a newspaper provided to us. This one has proven to be difficult due to the sheer number of possibilities. There are funny articles, there are serious articles, there are comic strips and personal advertisements! How can one choose!? We ended up splitting up the newspaper between the three of us and sending articles that we liked to the group. We also struggled this week finding time to workshop the song - there are only so many days in the week and we have significant others who would like to see us every once in a while. But, we finally decided on an article about a woman who subscribed to USA Today and never got her paper. We hear a lot about these big earth-shattering news events, but the little stories are important too, and we wanted to highlight that. 

See our performance here:


Week 1 Performance! 

First of all, let me say that the rest of the musicians in this contest are AWESOME. This was the first week that we all played in front of each other, and it was just so cool to see these fantastic performers leaving it all on the stage. Everyone had really interesting and unique interpretations of the photo prompt, so that was interesting to see.We drew a pretty late slot for the first challenge, so most of our time was spent listening to the audience and stressing about the parts of our song that we thought might go wrong. And finally, it was our turn! After a short set-up and sound check, we punched the big red button and played our little hearts out. As many other musicians can attest, the things that we were worried about went wrong and some stuff that had gone fine every other time went sideways. But overall, we're very proud of our finished product!! Check out the video of our song on Triple M's website. And while you're there, why not take a second to vote for Woodrow! :)

Week 1 - Meet and Greet, First Challenge Issued 

We are so excited that Woodrow has been chosen to be a part of the 2018 Triple M songwriting competition! Connor was a part of the competition as a solo artist back in 2015 and wouldn't shut up about how much fun the contest was, so needless to say we were pumped. :) There was only one problem - Woodrow is a 5 person group and the contest only allows a maximum of 3 people per team. After long debates about tactics and how best to represent our sound, we decided on Connor, Marc, and Claire. 

For the project kickoff on Monday night, all of the contestants assembled in one of Triple M's conference rooms. After bonding over the dichotomy of being a musician and also being on time to things, as well as shared trauma over salt and vinegar chips, we got down to business. The first challenge was to write a song about a bizarre picture that was provided to the artists. Who created the picture? And how did Triple M find the thing anyways?? These questions are not important. What is important is finding a meaningful interpretation of the picture and writing a song about it that is performance ready within a week. 

We were so excited about the challenge that Connor started writing that night, and sent us a recording of what became the backbone of our song. We met again on Tuesday to work on song structure and to discuss what we were trying to say. The song really started coming together, and we left feeling really excited about the thing we've created. There are still some rough edges to polish, but we can't wait to share our little music baby with all of you this coming Monday.



What is Project M? 

So, what is Project M and why are we so excited about it?

1055 Triple M hosts a yearly contest where songwriters compete against each other in weekly feats of creative prowess. For six weeks, the competitors will receive a songwriting challenge and have exactly 1 week to write and polish the song before performing it live in front of judges and a live audience. Each week, the judges will critique the songs and one competitor will be eliminated!

Not only does this sound like our idea of a rollicking good time, the winner of the contest receives a $1,000 check from 105.5 Triple M, a guitar from Ward Brodt, their song played on 105.5 Triple M, and a chance to play at Summerfest.

We are unbelievably excited to go on this songwriting journey, and hope you will come join us at Funk's Pub every Monday night starting 4/9 to support Woodrow!