Pop that's joyous, bittersweet, and goofy.”

The Capital Times

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"Buds & Thorns shows Woodrow knows how to make a great pop song . . . " The Isthmus

"Listen to the Madison band Woodrow, and the first word that the music will conjure up is “fun.” The Cap Times

"Through genre diversity, style experimentation and smart songwriting, Woodrow consistently find clarity in ambiguity. José embodies the spaciousness of a band unconcerned with expectations, and this might be their biggest asset." Emmie Music Magazine 


Short Bio

Woodrow is an original five-piece indie pop band from Madison, WI, that "revels in singalong choruses, exuberant vocals, and a judicious sprinkle of Auto-Tune here and there" - described by The Capital Times.

Long Bio

Woodrow is an original five-piece indie pop band from Madison, WI. The band was formed in October 2016 when Connor Brennan (a medical physics graduate student) got his masters degree, but decided not to use it for a while. Instead, he recruited four local musicians to form the band Woodrow. The band hit the ground running with a dozen or so piano pop tunes that Connor had scrawled in the margins of his medical notes to deal with his heartbreak and his recent transplant to Wisconsin. Fresh from recording their debut EP album José  in June 2017, and their second EP Buds & Thorns in October 2017, Woodrow is now bringing their quirky brand of piano-driven indie pop to the masses of Wisconsin.

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https://woodrowwi.com/files/303664/green-shed.jpg (122KB)
From left to right: Marc Brousseau (Guitar), Connor Brennan (Songs/Vocals), Connor Peterson (Drums), Nate Klopotic (Bass). Photo credit Eric Schwierske.


https://woodrowwi.com/files/302190/woodrowpromo.jpg (502 KB) 
Clockwise from upper left: Marc Brousseau (Guitar), Kevin Gale (Keys), Nate Klopotic (Bass), Connor Peterson (Drums). Center: Connor Brennan (Songs/Vocals). Photo credit Eric Schwierske.

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https://woodrowwi.com/files/303666/marc-and-nate.jpg (11.6 MB)
Marc Brousseau and Nate Klopotic. Photo credit Eric Schwierske.

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https://woodrowwi.com/files/303665/connor-brennan.jpg (13.1 MB)
Connor Brennan. Photo credit Eric Schwierske.

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