Thanks to everyone who voted Woodrow 2019's 'Top Alternative Performer' at the MAMA awards. 

 We love being able to put our hearts into performing our songs, and it's incredibly cool to be recognized for that.

Check out our new Bubblegum Heart video!

About Woodrow

Woodrow is an original five-piece indie pop band from Madison, WI. The band was formed in October 2016 when Connor Brennan recruited four local musicians to form the band Woodrow. The band hit the ground running with a dozen or so piano pop tunes that Connor had scrawled in the margins of his medical notes to deal with his heartbreak and his recent transplant to Wisconsin. 

During Woodrow's first year, the band released two EPs: 

José, described as "palpable creative energy . . . [and] a total disregard for convention" by Emmie Music Magazine. 
Buds & Thorns, described as "Irreverent Rock" by The Isthmus.  

Woodrow is currently playing gigs around WI, with plans to record their first full album in May 2019. 


Meet the band: 

Connor Brennan (piano, vocals) has been writing original music his whole life. His love for music swayed him to drop out of the PhD program at University of Wisconsin, to pursue music full-time. He can be found teaching classes at Cyc Fitness Madison and is the king of puns. 

Marc Brousseau (guitar) is a high-school math teacher, and a self taught guitar player. He has previously recorded with a handful of bands from the Rhode Island music scene, where he is originally from. Marc enjoys burritos and feeling a fresh breeze running through his hair. 

Brandon Jensen (guitar) is a local WI multi-instrumentalist, able to play the piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, and drums. He is an improviser with Monkey Business Institute. You should probably follow him and his cats on Snapchat. 

Claire Kannapell (bass) has been playing electric bass ever since she filled in for the middle school student-written play. If you've seen the SNL 'High School Theater Show' sketches, it was a very similar experience. Claire also plays double bass, performs improv with Monkey Business Institute, and is a compulsive over-committer. 

Andrew Klunick (drums) is a former UW Marching Band Drum Major (currently a Tundra Line player). Andrew is the creative genius behind Woodrow's merchandise and is also a talented guitarist and piano player. He found the fountain of youth a couple centuries ago but wont tell anyone where it is.