Pop that's joyous, bittersweet, and goofy.”

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Here's a bit of our story so far . . .

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Woodrow is an original five-piece indie pop band from Madison, WI. The band was formed in October 2016 when Connor Brennan (a medical physics graduate student) got his masters degree and decided not to use it for a while. Instead, he recruited four local musicians to form the band Woodrow. The band hit the ground running with a dozen or so piano pop tunes that Connor had scrawled in the margins of his medical notes to deal with his heartbreak and his recent transplant to Wisconsin. Fresh from recording their debut EP album José in June 2017, and their second EP Buds & Thorns in October '17, Woodrow is now bringing their quirky brand of piano-driven indie pop to the masses of Wisconsin.

Long version

Connor Falcon Brennan has been writing original music his whole life, but was pursuing a PhD in Medical Physics until 2016. His love for music swayed him to drop out of the PhD program at University of Wisconsin, to pursue music full-time. That is when Connor assembled three other local Madison musicians to form the band Woodrow. Marc Brousseau (guitar) is a high-school math teacher, and a self taught guitar player. He has previously recorded with a handful of bands from the Rhode Island music scene, where he is originally from. Connor Peterson (drummer) was recruited directly from two expert drumlines: The Tundra Line, the official drumline of the Green Bay Packers, and The University of Wisconsin Drumline. Nate Klopotic's (bass) main instrument is the flugelhorn for the University of Wisconsin Marching Band, but he has played bass his whole life. A few months later, the band recruited a fifth member, Kevin Gale (keys), to round out the Indie Pop Sound.

During Woodrow's first year, the band released two EPs:

  • José, described as "palpable creative energy . . . [and] a total disregard for convention" by Emmie Music Magazine.
  • Buds & Thorns, described as "Irreverent Rock" by The Isthmus. 

After recording these EPs, Connor Peterson, Nate, and Kevin made the difficult decision to leave the band, each for their own unique personal reasons and competing commitments. Thankfully, two new members were found: Andrew Klunick (drums), a former UW Marching Band Drum Major (currently a Tundra Line player), and Brandon Jensen (bass), a local WI multi-instrumentalist, able to play the piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums, and of course, the bass.

 Woodrow is currently playing gigs around WI, with plans to record their first full album in early 2018.